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  • Relationship Coaching

  • Self-Worth Coaching

Relationship Coaching:

Relationship struggles seem inevitable in this life. Some of the most painful heartache we will ever experience comes from loss, separation, or conflict within relationships. It often feels like these experiences are beyond our control and turn south when we least expect them to.


As painful as relationships can be, they are a meaningful, if not THE MOST meaningful experience of our lives. From them, we experience love, joy, connection, trust, friendship, and empathy. The sometimes unpleasant reality is we also face the most painful learning lessons through our relationships. They are our most powerful “containers for growth.”


Relationships teach us to reevaluate our own perspectives. They show us the power of collaboration. They nudge us toward vulnerability. They prompt us to learn how to communicate our needs and set boundaries. Relationships gently direct us to acknowledge our need for self-care and encourage us to be our most authentic self.  


Relationships with others ultimately point us to grow and refine the most important relationship we will ever have: the relationship with ourselves.


Relationship coaching is appropriate for those who struggle with:


  • Co-dependency

  • Boundaries

  • Compassion Fatigue

  • Communication Skills

  • Conflict Resolution

  • People Pleasing


Self-Worth Coaching

Inevitably, the pain of life will lead each of us to a crossroads. We will either choose continue to make choices that are misaligned with our values and needs, abandoning ourselves, or we will make the incredibly tough and courageous decision to prioritize our own values and needs above the crushing demands all around us. 

Let's face it. Life is stuffed full of pressures and demands to be the "good girl," color within the lines, stay quiet, behave, stay small, and follow all the obligations a good person should... BUT when did that ever light anyone up? When did that "good person" ever really impact the world?

Self-care is the journey many will hear the call to follow and few will answer. Self-care is scary. It takes courage. It is the most demanding and courageous thing any of us will ever be called to do. But, it is the only way to live a fulfilling and joy-filled life, powerfully impacting the world at our highest potential. 

Self-Worth Coaching is appropriate for those that are struggling with:

  • Feeling stuck

  • Being exhausted by the needs of other people

  • Feeling guilty for taking care of yourself

  • Feeling taken advantage of

  • Thinking you can never catch a break


Jillian: "My passion is working with big-hearted people whose lives have often gotten lost caring for the needs of others. Years ago, I had become broken-hearted because I had allowed my big-heart and care for other people to become the focus of my life. I know very well the exhaustion, resentment, and heartache that follows the burden of living a compassion fatigued lifestyle. I now deeply enjoy showing others how to maintain a compassionate heart, while taking their own lives off the back burner. I believe in bold self-care. I believe in taking responsibility for the creation of our own joy and happiness. I believe we are WORTHY of our own time, energy, and attention. I believe it is possible for unlimited all-consuming love for others and uncompromising self-love to be held in the same heart. And, I believe self-care is the most demanding and courageous thing any of us will ever be called to do."

Other Services

In addition to coaching, Jillian also offers services in family mediation matters. 

Jillian mediates in the areas of:

  • Relationships

  • Divorce

  • Custody

For more information about Jillian's mediation services, please click here

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