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If you are interested in supporting our work, as we support and empower women to reclaim their lives, please consider these options: 


Financial Support

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Your contributions allow us to:

  • Facilitate support group meetings

  • Host and manage the Unapologetic Empire Facebook support group

  • Create free written and printable resources accessible on the Goddess Academy

  • Fund tech expenses such as website, learning management software, and customer relations management software

  • Fund program management expenses

  • Fund marketing expenses

  • Expand our programs and accessibility

As a Patron supporter, you will receive exclusive Empire updates, through the Patreon app. You will be the first to hear important announcements, team and expansion updates, and new visions on the horizon for the Empire. 

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If you would like to make a one time donation instead, please click the "donate" button below.

Allyship and Service Work

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The Unapologetic Empire serves women who are working to unlearn destructive ideologies, regarding self and relationships, that groomed them to ultimately become vulnerable to predatory and manipulative relationships. 

In order for The Unapologetic Empire to succeed in serving women, we MUST get the word out that we exist. Without visibility, growth, and momentum, the careful and exhaustive time spent building the structure, content, and gathering powerful facilitators will be for naught. Without teamwork and collaboration, building this community cannot happen. This is not the work of one person. This is not the vision of one person. This is US. Women. Survivors. Goddesses. We need YOU. 

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