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Crystal Franklin is the owner of Davis Taylor Financial LLC.



Crystal is a financial advisor, insurance agent, and tax advisor.  She has been working with families and businesses for over 20 years to help educate and empower people to make and meet their personal financial goals, whether they are just starting out, retiring, or starting over.  Over 10 years ago, Crystal left the corporate financial planning world to start her own business, where she could use her skills and expertise to help anyone and everyone, without being leashed to the corporate “sell, sell, sell” mindset.  Her passion is truly to help people through education and mentorship to meet their goals and find financial stability.  In addition to many years of experience in finance, Crystal also has a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice, specializing in Criminal Behavior, making her uniquely suited to work with survivors of abuse, understanding mental illness, and having a strong working knowledge of the American Justice System, good, bad, and ugly.

Personal Experience: 
Crystal is a survivor of domestic physical and psychological abuse as well as sexual assault.  However, she is most passionate about advocating and understanding parents and caretakers of abuse victims, as she is the mother of a child sexual abuse survivor.  She has a deep understanding of the incredibly complex emotions and situations that surround disclosure, investigation, the trial process, and the years of healing that come after.

Crystal's Goddess Circle: 
Crystal’s style is educational, empowering, and honest.  She is here to share her knowledge and understanding of all the real-world challenges that come along with taking your life back, and hopes to provide at least some of the tools and resources you need to do that while providing understanding and encouragement of each person’s unique story.

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