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Kisha Woods is the owner of Upgraded MindsetZ, LLC. and the host of The Empowering Real Talk Podcast




Kisha Woods is a Personal and Entrepreneur Mindset Coach, and founder of Upgraded MindsetZ, LLC. She provides the tools for women to empower their mind for success with reconditioning strategies to amplify personal and entrepreneurial growth. She is a full-time entrepreneur with businesses in coaching, administrative and travel. She’s the host of The Empowering Real Talk Podcast, where she discusses uncut, sometimes uncomfortable conversations aimed at bringing awareness, resource, and solution to negative, limiting behaviors restricting individual and community growth.

Personal Experience: 
Cancer, gun violence, and family struggles are just a FEW of many life challenges experienced in Kisha’s life. After years of toxic actions, suppressing emotions, constantly people pleasing and living under the “strong woman” stigma, she started cracking mentally at the seams, lashing out, and thinking negative about her life. March 2020 her mental wellbeing was questioned, and she began shifting into her personal transformational healing journey.

Kisha has always been supportive to others, but before she wasn't doing that for herself. Her transformational shift now allows her to operate from a place of HEALING instead of HAVOC. Walking in her purpose, she brings amplifying awareness to positive growth methods allowing women to embrace their true identity, breaking free from self-limitations, outside influence and negative habits.

Kisha's Goddess Circle: 

Kisha’s focus is rounded to Shifting the guilt factor and breaking free from the blame game. Her bold but energetic spirit comes natural with her conversation. She speaks on how the mind is where everything begins and understanding this, she no longer allows stigmas hold her back and encourages vulnerability and open mindedness. She lives every day to empower any women with real support and non-biased positive encouragement.

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