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Lisa Luna Stravers is the owner of Earth Song Healing Arts.



Lisa “Luna” is a licensed social worker, a trained spiritual healer and an interpreter of the Spanish language for medical and mental health services. She has 30 years of experience and education in the field of social work specializing in family and social systems, human development, trauma healing and grief work. She has 21 years of experience and training as a spiritual healer helping people discover their authentic selves through emotional and spiritual honesty. Through her visionary practice, Earth Song Healing Arts, she offers her unique gifts in circles, ceremonies and sessions for women, men and teens.  

Personal Experience: 
Lisa is a survivor of unhealthy religious conditioning, rape, peer sexual abuse and narcissistic abuse. Post a traumatic marriage and divorce she dedicated herself to understanding the effects of patriarchal, cultural and religious beliefs on her personal choices.Despite her courageous leap out of an abusive marriage and her deep dedication to healing she found herself still attracting controlling and manipulative intimate partners.In 2017 she stumbled upon the concepts of “gaslighting” and “attachment wounds.” Her experiences started to make more sense. When she put the C in CPSTD she was able to put the finishing touches on the healing she had been seeking for years. Complex PTSD is what many of us end up with when we are stuck in toxic situations. That “stuckness” is a function of our survival brain and not “our fault.” Lisa believes we have a right and a sacred responsibility to evolve through our trauma patterns into our true self. Still a work in progress, she is solid on her feet, open in her heart and loves extending her heart to sisters on the path of inner and outer liberation.

Luna's Goddess Circle: 
Luna’s style is spiritually intuitive, fun loving and emotionally honest. Her circles often include song and journey work and are a space in which all gradations of your light and dark are embraced. Luna blends the worlds of social work and shamanism to help you be in tune with your everyday needs and your magical gifts. She practices the art of clear reflection, dispelling false reflection and bringing sanity to your body, heart and mind. 

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