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Pay it Forward Coaching

Pay it Forward Coaching is a program created to allow every economic walk of life the ability to participate in personal coaching. At Evolve, we believe that everyone should have equal opportunity to benefit from a coach regardless of income or economic status. This goal however, cannot be accomplished without you. Pay it Forward Coaching is the joint effort of the Evolve Personal Coaching and our donors.

Here's how it works:


  • Low-income clients apply for assistance


  • Once approved, clients are expected to pay according to an income sliding scale (usually $15-$50 per session)


  • The rest of the coaching costs are shared between Evolve and our donors

    • Evolve contributes 25% of the total cost

    • Donations cover the remaining amount after the discount and client portion are deducted


  • When donations are not available, qualifying clients will be placed on a waiting list until funds are contributed


  • Pay it Forward participants are required to use two sessions toward financial wellness

If you are interested in donating, please click the “donate” button below. If you are interested in applying for coaching assistance, please call 208-412-7109 or email Thank you for contributing to the wellness of your community.

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