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Courage is a choice.

Life gets dark sometimes.

Death happens.

Divorce happens.

Addiction happens.

Money problems happen.

Medical issues happen.

Disappointment and rejection and betrayal happen.

Heartbreak happens.

No matter who you are on this planet, you will not be exempt from pain.

And there will never be an easy way through it. It will hurt like hell and there will be moments you will have no idea how to survive.

And here’s what I have observed.

Some are focused on what went wrong. How they lost. How much the pain hurts. How they will never be able to recover what was lost. How big the barriers will be. How someone wronged them.

And some get a look of fire in their eyes. They wipe the blood off their face and ask “Is that all you got?” There is no problem without an answer. There is no option of staying down. There is always a path forward. There is no pain too great. No adversary too frightening to keep them out of the arena.

It’s the difference between defeat and grit.

One feels ripped off because life was supposed to be easier. The other celebrates the opportunity to learn and master more.

We all have choice and and all of us alternate between both of these mindsets at times.

Courage is a choice. Grit is a choice. Resiliency is a choice.

What do you choose today?

I am where I am at today because I simply refused to stay down. I haven’t had less pain. I don’t have special powers. I’m not stronger or smarter. I just ALWAYS GET BACK UP.

I see you. I see your pain. And I see your courage. And it is bigger.

Get back up. Kick some ass.

Much love - Jillian

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