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We Fight For Every Woman

My abuser could smell a powerful woman from a mile away.

He knew my exposure to her intense, free spirited independence might make me crave more. It might tempt me to stop settling. It might make me dare to believe more was possible. It might make me QUESTION the lie that I HAD to put up with a less than honoring and satisfactory relationship.

He instinctively knew this, and became a master of sabotage.

Discrediting her success.

Dismissing her power.

Calling her names.

Attacking her character.

Creating suspicion about her.

Mocking her.

Discouraging connection with her.

Because he knew. She was a THREAT to his power, control, and domination.

I had the privilege of knowing a few of these defiant women. Women who dared to be more. Women who dared to defy norms in order to be true to themselves. Women who honored their own personal authority instead of settling for a life at the mercy of someone else’s whims.

It was a tricky game I played - knowing them. I admired them from afar. I secretly watched them and interacted with them. I downplayed my connection to them. I craved their freedom.

And he was right to be threatened by them. Because they inspired me to stop settling. They taught me more WAS possible. They showed me what it meant to be a woman Unapologetic of respecting herself enough to walk away from the people who did not.

And ultimately I untangled myself from his web.

Today, I have joined the ranks of those women. I am the one controlling husbands shun and mock, nervously hoping their wives will turn away from me.

I am not only one of those threatening women. I am building an Empire of Unapologetic women.

So, every man invested in maintaining control, suppression, and domination over women should be very afraid. Because we will not stop until every woman knows she is worthy of the highest standards of respect and honor.

We do not fight against YOU, dear dominating man, but we fight FOR every woman who has been told she must settle and tolerate all of the pain and misery you feel entitled to bestow on her.

You should be afraid, because the game is up.

~ Signed Jillian Aurora, Goddess of the Dawn

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