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 get the fuck out of your cocoon...

It's time to 
use your wings

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IMAGINE being confident of your decisions, your discernment, and your own personal authority. 

Imagine being able to clearly and confidently spot a potential healthy relationship, job, or community, OR clearly see one that is NOT.

Imagine having the confidence and self worth to unapologetically say NO to ANY partnerships, friendships, jobs, or communities that are not a fit, instead of feeling guilty and obligated to compromise your standards. 

Imagine being able to clearly and effortlessly define your standards, values, and boundaries AND having full confidence they will be respected and honored, in every arena of your life. 

Imagine being able to trust yourself SO FULLY that you know you will have your own back when all the chips are down. That you will NEVER BETRAY YOURSELF AGAIN for any loyalty to a relationship, job, religion, friendship, or community. 

Imagine sharing your Divine presence with ONLY people who are far more concerned with you loving YOURSELF than they are about you loving THEM and their ideas. 

Imagine being surrounded by people who are fully present in their OWN lives, passionate about their OWN dreams, and deeply committed to their OWN values. 

What would it feel like, to have your romantic relationships, family, career, and friendships,  characterized by HONOR, RESPECT, PASSION, HEALTH, CONNECTION, EQUALITY, AND TEAMWORK?

Wouldn't it be SUCH A FUCKING RELIEF to know, with confidence, that you won't betray your own dreams at the slightly disapproval from a loved one? That you won't blow past red flags, for fear of appearing rude? That you won't dull your own brilliance, for fear of offending someone else's tender ego? That you won't sacrifice parts of YOURSELF to make someone else more comfortable? 

What if you could know you could TRUST YOURSELF? What if you KNEW you you would NEVER betray yourself for another damaging relationship AGAIN?


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at the Unapologetic retreat, I will teach you how to:  

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1. Defy your inner GOOD GIRL, who is constantly sabotaging your standards and telling you you have to settle and accommodate and compromise. 

2. Get super fucking clear and unapologetic about YOUR values, desires, and standards. 


3. Develop fierce and reliable discernment about any potential red flags. 


4. Become GUILT FREE when you honor yourself and your boundaries. 


5. Invite in INCREDIBLE relationships without losing YOURSELF. 


6. Trust YOURSELF without constantly second guessing and deferring to someone else's opinion. 

7. Become a fierce and unapologetic fucking goddess, who has her own back.

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An intense transformative toolkit
delivered in a four day chrysalis, so you no longer have to WONDER if you can trust yourself to create the relationships and life you most desire. 

Unapologetic Empire Crown_edited_edited.
Unapologetic Empire Crown_edited_edited.
"Through your work, I've confronted myself and found that I was seeking my worth deep inside the choices of my partner, as if them choosing me over their array of options somehow made me better. Worthy. Because, then, I must be loveable. Wow! Through this insight, I no longer give power to the irrelevant preferences of someone else."
"What I know is my last relationship challenged me to seek out YOU. Your perspectives have changed my life. This relationship would've continued for years the way it was, with me still oblivious to what the hell a boundary even was. I now have the ability to identify what I want and need in a relationship."
Unapologetic Empire Crown_edited.png
Unapologetic Empire Crown_edited_edited.
"I am a survivor. Never again, thanks to you and Unapologetic."
"I told him NO and stood my ground for the first time. He even showed up at my house to argue. This was a HUGE win and I felt so powerful! I am no longer responsible for his choices or his happiness. I am FREE now. I am Unapologetic!"
Unapologetic Empire Crown_edited_edited.
"Because of Unapologetic, I love me more and understand myself better. Here in South Africa, there is too much gender inequality, so I am standing up becoming the light in the darkness and voice for my girls. I have been talking on a radio show about Self Love. We're gonna make it. Eventually, we will be free to be our true selves again. Unapologetic gives me strength to keep fighting for all women."
Unapologetic Empire Crown_edited_edited.
"Unapologetic gives women the tools they need to put the pieces of their lives together again. They find the permission to take care of themselves and the wisdom to understand their circumstances. That is priceless. You give them their lives back."
Unapologetic Empire Crown_edited.png
"When you finally remember who the fuck you are, the game changes."
Unapologetic Empire Crown_edited_edited.
"I can't betray myself anymore. Every time I waver, you are in the back of my head saying 'Dammit you deserve so much better!' Thanks to Unapologetic, I know my worth and my standards reflect that."
Unapologetic Empire Crown_edited_edited.
"Today I let go of a relationship that had been emotionally abusive for decades. Today I stood up and told him 'Never Again'. I mourn the relationship I thought I had and I am grateful to understand now what is appropriate to expect in my relationships."

What's Included:

four nights at a luxury beach house:

san diego.jpeg

Ten women will share a beach house in San Diego, California. Amidst our deep introspection and transformative work, we will PLAY. We will rejuvenate our souls. We will reclaim ourselves. 

Deep emotional work requires large spaces of time to process. I have built the schedule for this retreat intentionally honoring the time needed to integrate the depth of information we will be covering. 

In between our coaching and discussion groups, we will have time for naps. Walks. Massages. Journaling. Reflection. Sunbathing. Dressing up. The BEACH. 


There will be candles, and flowers, and outrageous pampering. 

There will be laughter, and kindness, and tears, and hugs. 

There will be fire conversations on chilly nights with hot chocolate. 

There will be sisterhood, and depth, and Divine Feminine comfort. 

There will be beach walks and peaceful silence. 


There will be hot tub soaking, and movies, and popcorn. 

There will be massages, and stretches, and yoga. 

There will be nourishing, thoughtful, delicious meals. 

There will be collective deep dive discussions around forgiveness, self loyalty, boundaries, honesty, letting go of what’s dead, grief, and self trust. 

There will be guidance into terrifying territory, you’ve been avoiding for years. 

There will be safety to be honest with yourself. 

There will be grief and relief as you UN-apologize for yourself, your desires, and your choices. 


For four WHOLE DAYS, you will get a thorough emersion in the Unapologetic signature curriculum. Unapologetic has transformed many women seeking to confront their patterns of self betrayal - and end them for good. The Unapologetic retreat is limited to ten participants, in order to foster the highest level of intimacy, accountability, and individual coaching time. 

Four days. Life changing content. Magical connections. Melt into your chrysalis and finish with your wings spread wide. 

At this retreat, you will identify and unravel old and damaging programming. You will be confronted by new truth.  You will break down your self betrayal and build your self-trust. You will learn to have your own back. 

This retreat will challenge you to take action. It will challenge you to face unpleasant patterns. It will hold you accountable to be true to YOURSELF. 

Transformative coaching: 

It is my mission to teach the skills necessary to build healthy relationships, without losing yourself in the process. I dive deep into the difficult topics. I share from my experience, from my insight, and from my years of studies. I do not follow norms and I do not source my truth from credentials or carefully crafted positions of power. I follow my own intuition and discernment above all and I teach you to grow that same power and self trust within yourself. 

I coach from the belief that YOU are the expert in YOUR life and in YOUR relationships. I coach from the belief that the QUESTIONS I ask are FAR more important and powerful than my own OPINIONS ever could be. 

nourishing meals:

Our private chef, Carter, will be providing fresh meals, to fuel our hungry minds and bodies. 

Three meals will be provided each day, with healthy snacks, treats, and drinks available all day. 

*This is an alcohol free event. It is our priority to provide a clear minded space to do the transformational work intended. 

Unapologetic merch:

Who doesn't love merch?? Each retreat participant will receive Unapologetic merch and apparel upon arrival. 

empire membership:

All Unapologetic Retreat participants receive a free three month membership in the Unapologetic Empire! This membership is regularly $77 a month and is a great collaborative addition to the Unapologetic retreat. You are sure to meet a whole host of fellow Goddesses, fierce and Unapologetic! 

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WHEN YOU register for the Unapologetic retreat YOU GET: 

Four days at a luxury beach house

Transformative coaching sessions

Nourishing meals, three meals a day

Unapologetic merch

BONUS: 3 FREE months in the Unapologetic Empire

register today for just...

Paid in Full
6 payments of


Register now! 


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The Unapologetic Woman

“You’re so boring. Can’t you be more interesting?”

“Stop acting like a slut.”

“You never put out. How can you expect me to be loyal?”

“If you weren’t such a bitch, I wouldn’t have to respond the way I do.”

“You’re such a burden. Do you realize how much work I put in for you?”

“Anyone would drink if they were married to you.”

“You’re such a terrible mom. You’re destroying our kids.”

“You act like it’s hard to do a little cleaning and cooking. Stop complaining.”

“You have no sense of humor. Can’t you take a joke?”

“You’ve totally let yourself go.”

“You’re so spoiled. You have no right to want more.”

“You want a career?  Am I not enough for you?”




For most of our lives, we have spent our time apologizing. Apologizing for not measuring up. Apologizing for not fitting into the box we were told to squeeze into. Apologizing for failing to create someone else’s happiness. 


But today, 




I’m NOT sorry for letting you down. 

I’m NOT sorry for not fitting into your box. 

I’m NOT sorry for BREAKING your RULES. 

I’m NOT sorry for my own DESIRES. 

I’m NOT sorry for my needs and expenses. 

I’m NOT sorry for my parenting decisions. 

I’m NOT sorry for the size and shape of my BODY. 

I’m NOT sorry for DISAGREEING. 

I’m NOT sorry I am unwilling to sacrifice myself anymore. 

I’m NOT sorry for my interests and AMBITION. 

I’m NOT sorry for WANTING MORE. 

I’m NOT sorry DEMEANING COMMENTS aren’t funny to me. 

I’m NOT sorry for VALUING my own LABOR. 

I’m NOT sorry for how I choose to CARE FOR MYSELF. 

I’m NOT sorry for requiring PERMISSION to access my body. 

I’m NOT sorry for having REQUIREMENTS to be in my presence. 

I’m NOT sorry for honoring my desire to say NO THANK YOU. 

I’m NOT sorry for RESPECTING myself enough to let disrespectful people go. 

I’m NOT sorry for remembering and reclaiming the RIGHT TO MYSELF. 






Unapologetic - Where good girls go to die

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