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10 women will join Jillian for a radically transformative retreat. They will each reclaim their Unapologetic Self. 

This retreat will include: 

  • 4 nights at a luxury beach house in San Diego

  • Fresh and nourishing meals (all meals included)

  • Deep dive group coaching structured in Unapologetic coursework

  • Access to all Unapologetic curriculum and exercises

  • Individual 90 minute massage

  • Private yoga classes

  • Energy work

  • Active and reflective activities at the beach

In this retreat, we will be diving into HARD topics. 

We will be making peace with past decisions and “mistakes”. Forgiveness is too light a word. We will CELEBRATE our journeys that have Divinely brought us to where we are now. 

We will be practicing RADICAL HONESTY with ourselves. We will be honest about what is and isn’t HONORING in our lives. 

We will be practicing the COURAGE to RELEASE anything and everyone who is a withering branch, longing to be pruned, so that new life can flourish. 

We will be celebrating and honoring the SEASONS. We will grieve what is dying and dead and we will celebrate new, budding life. 

We will be learning to TRUST OURSELVES again. We will reclaim our own entitlement to ourselves and recommit to honoring ourselves with our actions. 

There will be tears. There will be grief. There will be relief. There will be hope rekindled. 


The Making of an Unapologetic Woman: 

  • There will be candles, and flowers, and outrageous pampering. 

  • There will be laughter, and kindness, and tears, and hugs. 

  • There will be fire conversations on chilly nights with hot chocolate. 

  • There will be sisterhood, and depth, and Divine Feminine comfort. 

  • There will be beach walks and peaceful silence. 

  • There will be hot tub soaking, and movies, and popcorn. 

  • There will be massages, and stretches, and yoga. 

  • There will be nourishing, thoughtful, delicious meals. 

  • There will be collective deep dive discussions around forgiveness, self loyalty, boundaries, honesty, letting go of what’s dead, grief, and self trust. 

  • There will be guidance into terrifying territory, you’ve been avoiding for years. 

  • There will be safety to be honest with yourself. 

  • There will be grief and relief as you UN-apologize for yourself, your desires, and your choices. 

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January 6-10 2022

*Registration OPEN NOW* 


This retreat will be intense and there will be moments you wish to avoid being honest. It will require courage and a commitment to doing whatever it takes to honor yourself, finally. 

Breaking these chains may be one of the most profound things you will ever do in your life. It will not only free yourself, but it will free others and it will heal wounds that have been festering for many generations. 


6 payments of $399


$2,399 $1,999 Paid in Full




Reclaim your right to you.

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Unapologetic Retreat Cover.png
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